Marching for Action on Climate Change: Five Days Across Vermont with Bill McKibben and Friends

Climate March

Over Labor Day weekend, 2006, hundreds of people joined writers Bill McKibben and John Elder for a five-day march from Ripton to Burlington in an effort to raise public awareness of global warming. This powerful example of community and grassroots action ended with a rally in which over 1,000 people gathered at the Burlington waterfront to meet with the Vermont candidates for U.S. Congress and governor, and ask them to sign a pledge that they would take immediate, meaningful action on climate change if they were elected to office.

Set against the spectacular Vermont landscape, McKibben and others discuss strategies for organizing grassroots actions and the realities of climate change in this informative and inspirational film.

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“This film captures the passion, the vision, and the strategic brilliance of an ascendant grassroots climate movement that is only just beginning to transform our country. By chronicling this first step of a new direction for environmental organizing, ‘Marching for Action on Climate Change’ not only inspires us to believe that we CAN take action up to the task of confronting the climate crisis, it also shows us how  to create that profound and practical change. Whether you’re looking for hope, drama, prophetic words, or practical ideas for how to organize the scale and type of actions that are now called for – this film has it all.”
Jared Duval, National Director, Sierra Student Coalition

TRAILER (2:34)

— Featuring Dan Berggren’s “Power from Above” (3:13)